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What is Micro-Training?

Concise, focused training sessions designed to quickly address specific skills and knowledge areas

Benefits of Micro-Training for Your Organization

Boost Efficiency and Compliance with SteriBoost Micro-Training

Tailored Training Solutions for Optimal Performance

At SteriBoost, we understand the unique training needs of healthcare facilities and sterile processing departments. Our Micro-Training Programs are designed to deliver focused, concise training sessions that address specific skills and knowledge areas critical to your team’s success. These programs are ideal for busy professionals who need quick, effective training solutions.

SteriBoost Micro-Training Programs

Custom-Developed Micro-Training Programs



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Why Choose SteriBoost Micro-Training?


Short, targeted training sessions that fit into busy schedules.


Training content tailored to your organization’s specific needs and challenges.


Ensure your team stays up-to-date with industry standards and best practices.


Easy access to a comprehensive library of micro-training courses.

Organizations that Could Benefit from SteriBoost’s LMS and Online Micro-Training Programs Text Here

Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Enhance sterile processing practices and compliance with industry standards.

Provide ongoing education to staff, ensuring up-to-date skills and knowledge.

Surgical Centers

Improve the efficiency and safety of surgical instrument processing.

Reduce errors through targeted micro-training sessions.

Veterinary Clinics

Maintain high standards of sterile processing for animal care procedures.

Equip veterinary staff with essential sterilization techniques.

Dental Offices

Ensure proper sterilization of dental instruments.

Train staff in the latest infection control practices.

Ambulatory Care Facilities

Support the safe and effective sterilization of instruments used in outpatient procedures.

Enhance staff proficiency with focused training modules.

Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSD)

Streamline the workflow and improve the accuracy of sterile processing.

Keep staff informed about new sterilization technologies and methods.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Train employees on the sterilization and maintenance of medical devices.

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and best practices.

Educational Institutions

Provide comprehensive training resources for students in healthcare-related programs.

Offer certification prep and continuing education courses to future sterile processing professionals.

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