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Start your journey in becoming a Sterile Processing Technician today!

Certification Prep

Get ready to pass your certification exams (i.e. CBSPD, HSPA) with flying colors!


Stay certified with our Continuing Education courses, ie, on-demand, live webinars, podcasts.

Exam Toolkit

Ace your exams with confidence using our ultimate toolkit!


Partner with SteriBoost to have your own branded Learning Management System (LMS).

In-Service Courses

Empower your employees with essential sterile processing training through our in-service courses.

In-House Cert Program

Partner with SteriBoost to support your employees in getting certified.

Virtual Reality Training

Transform your SPD training with our proprietary VR technology

Empowering Learning

SteriBoost, a part of Blue Oak HR, is a top global online learning provider in sterile processing --- offering CE courses, certification prep, webinars and expert-led masterclasses, supported by a robust LMS.

Expert Instructors

Our seasoned instructors aren't just knowledgeable—they're pioneers in sterile processing. With years of field experience and a passion for teaching, they turn complex concepts into engaging lessons that empower your career growth. Learn from the best to become the best.

Robust LMS

Experience learning like never before with SteriBoost's advanced LMS. Designed to streamline your educational journey, our platform offers an intuitive interface, comprehensive tracking tools, and seamless access to a wide range of courses and resources. Unlock your potential with technology that keeps you ahead.

Expansive Course Selections

SteriBoost provides a diverse array of courses that cater to every stage of your sterile processing career. From foundational classes to advanced certification prep and expert-led masterclasses, our course offerings are designed to inspire and empower. Elevate your skills and meet the dynamic challenges of the field with courses that set global standards.

LMS Features

Maximize your learning experience with our cutting-edge LMS Features.

Training Platform Features

Dedicated & Customize Training programs tailored to your organization needs.

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Featured Courses

Unlock your potential with our Featured Courses - where knowledge meets opportunity!

Upcoming Courses

Stay ahead! Discover our Upcoming Courses.

Exam Prep Toolkit

Empower your exam journey with our comprehensive Exam Prep Toolkit - your all-in-one solution for success!

Live Virtual Classes / Events

Join the action from anywhere with our Live Virtual Classes/Events - where learning meets convenience in real-time!

Live Stericast

June 24, 2024 @5pm

Virtual Cast

Live Stericast

July 1st, 2024 @5pm

Virtual Cast


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