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MasterPlus Program

Program Overview

The MasterPlus Program: a Masterclass in Sterile Processing Technology

Welcome to the MasterPlus program, a masterclass in Sterile Processing Technology offered by SteriBoost. This program is specifically designed for individuals at various stages of their sterile processing careers, including first-time test takers and those needing to recertify. By enrolling in this comprehensive course series, participants will achieve mastery over both the art and science of sterile processing, ensuring they are well-prepared for a successful career in this critical field. Each of the 12 meticulously crafted courses, complemented by proficiency exams, is engineered to develop the participants’ expertise comprehensively and methodically.

Program Structure

The MasterPlus program requires participants to complete each course sequentially, ensuring a thorough understanding and deep knowledge of each subject area. Upon successful completion of each course and its associated exam, participants receive a Certificate of Completion. Crucially, after completing all 12 courses, participants are awarded the prestigious Certificate of Achievement in the MasterPlus program. This certificate not only showcases their extensive knowledge and skills but also makes them eligible to sit for the national certification exam. It is essential that participants complete all 12 courses to qualify for this opportunity, setting the foundation for their career advancement in healthcare.

Course List


Anatomy & Physiology for Sterile Processing Technology


Microbiology for Sterile Processing Technology


Infection Prevention






Processing Patient Care Equipment


Types of Surgical Instruments




Inventory Control & Distribution


Sterile Storage 

Who is this Program for?

The MasterPlus Program is designed for a diverse group of individuals in the sterile processing field:

First-Time Exam Takers: Build a solid foundation and approach your first certification exam with confidence.

Returnees: Specifically for those who have let their license lapse and need to retake the exam—reinforce your previous knowledge and update your skills to ensure success.

Enrollment Process

1. Choose Your Subscription/Membership Tier: Opt for Basic, Pro, or Premium levels to fit your specific learning requirements and provide all pertinent personal information.

2. Make Payment: Complete your enrollment through a secure payment process.

3. Receive Confirmation: Get an email confirmation with all the necessary access details.

We deliver top-quality educational services tailored to your needs.

Learning Features

Sequential Course Structure: Ensures a thorough and in-depth understanding of each topic by requiring participants to complete courses in order.

Proficiency Exams: Each course includes a rigorous exam to assess mastery and readiness for the next module.

Certificates of Completion and Achievement: Participants receive certificates upon successful completion of each course and a prestigious Certificate of Achievement after completing all 12 courses, making them eligible for national certification exams.

3-Day Boot Camp Certification Prep: An Instructor-led intensive review and strategy session to maximize success on certification exams.

Exam Toolkit and P.A.S.S. Exam (Predictive Assessment for Student Success): The Exam Toolkit provides essential resources for exam preparation, while the P.A.S.S. Exam is a predictive tool designed to gauge and predict exam success, helping participants understand their readiness for the certification exams.

Application Assistance to International Certifications: Graduates become eligible to sit for globally recognized exams such as CBSPD, HSPA (formerly IAHCSMM), and IPACSS (formerly ACSPDI).

Courses For you

3-Day Boot Camp

Instructor-led 3-Day Boot Camp Certification Prep. Designed to intensively prepare participants for certification exams, this Boot Camp focuses on key concepts and test-taking strategies, making it an invaluable resource for those aiming to successfully pass their certification exams.

International Certification Opportunities

Upon completing the MasterPlus program and receiving the Certificate of Achievement, participants are eligible to sit for several prestigious international certification exams:

- Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD)

- Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA), formerly known as IAHCSMM

- International Professional Association of Central Sterile Services (IPACSS),** formerly known as ACSPDI

These globally recognized certifications are key to advancing in the field of healthcare.


  • Access to all 12 Core courses. (Self-pace)
  • Standard support via email.
  • Certification of Completion for each completec course
  • MasterPlus Certificate of Achievement upon completing all 12 courses.
  • Assistance in submitting application to sit for the national exam


  • All features of the Professional Plan.
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with industry experts
  • P.A.S.S. Exam (Predictive Assessment for Student Success) access.
  • Lifetime access to course materials and updates.
  • Access to the Instructor-led Certification Prep & Review Program, an in-depth review.
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