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In-House Certification Program

In-House Certification Program

SteriBoost partners with healthcare institutions to elevate sterile processing standards through our In-House Certification Program, which is specifically designed to certify employees as Sterile Processing Technicians. This program allows staff to receive targeted training and certification within their own work environment, combining the highest standards of sterilization with patient safety. Our cost-effective solution leverages internal resources to maximize training effectiveness.


Program Overview

The SteriBoost In-House Certification Program integrates online theoretical learning with practical hands-on training, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Employees can access theoretical components through our LMS and mobile app during off-hours, facilitating learning without impacting their daily responsibilities.



Employee Certification Focus

Tailored specifically for SPD employees aiming to achieve certification in sterile processing.

Cost-effective Certification Solution

Utilizes existing infrastructure and resources within your facility, minimizing the need for external training.

Flexible Online Learning

Allows employees to engage with theoretical training anytime, anywhere, accommodating their work schedules.

Collaborative Hands-On Training

Practical training involves at least 480 hours of hands-on experience during regular work hours, overseen jointly by SteriBoost instructors and your facility’s SPD Educator or Manager to ensure thorough competency.


Clinical Experience Documentation

Maintains a detailed log that tracks and records all training milestones, essential for certification.

Eligibility for National Certification

Prepares employees to meet all prerequisites for the international certification exam upon successful completion of the program.


Enhanced Learning Accessibility

Provides flexible learning options that are ideal for busy healthcare professionals.

Reduced Training Costs

Significantly lowers expenses by leveraging internal resources for training purposes.

Minimal Operational Disruption

Training is integrated into normal working hours to ensure continuous patient care.

Increased Employee Retention

Enhances job satisfaction and loyalty by offering professional development opportunities internally.

How to Enroll

To implement the SteriBoost In-House Certification Program in your facility:

1. Contact Us: Reach out via our website or directly to our program coordinator.

2. Customized Consultation: We conduct a detailed consultation to tailor the program to the specific needs of your facility.

3. Formal Agreement: An agreement is finalized, detailing the roles and responsibilities of both parties.

4. Program Implementation: We establish and commence the training schedule according to the agreed plan.

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Elevate your facility’s sterilization standards and manage training costs effectively with the SteriBoost In-House Certification Program, designed specifically to certify your employees as Sterile Processing Technicians. Learn more about how we can assist your team in advancing professionally and preparing for national certification.

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